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Myspace Layouts, Backgrounds, Music, Codes, and More  

by Jim Wilson

Myspace layouts backgrounds music codes and more! Interactive stuff is all the rave currently online. From teens to young adults and yes, even businesses on and off the web, are venturing into Myspace for their share of the online experience and profits.

Myspace was orignally just a place for teens to upgrade their instant messaging between friends. Then when it took on a whole new dimension of individuals searching the Myspace scene for music sharing, dating, and displaying individual talents, it skyrocketed into the far reaches of our universe of cyberspace.

Myspace is so much to so many that it has catapulted itself with the help of millions of individuals to THE HOTTEST SITE ONLINE!

Myspace allows each myspace member to fully customize their site in every imaginable way. You can place myspace ads, myspace links, myspace music, myspace codes, and myspace phots of all your favorite people and things that make you who you are.

Myspace has evolved into such a huge hit, that even the evil elements have found their way into Myspace's World. With so many people trying to make their own statements and personalizing their myspace, those sick individuals who lurk the web have preyed on unsuspecting myspace sites in search of victims to violate. Please be vigilant in your exposing of yourself. You never know who may be asking all the right questions for all the wrong reasons. Exercise extreme caution when divulging personal information.

Myspace offers numerous ways to personlize your site, yet there are other sites that cater strictly to providing myspace members with the different and unique backgrounds, layouts, and other specialty tidbits that users are always anxious to get their hands on.

Some of the most popular support sites, even if unofficially denoted as support, are toxxic.net, rockyou.com, whateverlife.com, facebook.com, and friendster.com. These sites have some of the most used elements by myspace members. Sure there are always other site that offer backgrounds, layouts, and music, but those named above are the highest hit-getters at this time.

Myspace has now reached into the record books as a inexpensive means of debuting your musical talents as well. There have actually been solid recording contracts directly linked to myspace members using their myspace page as there launching pad to stardom.

Once Myspace reached the peak of awareness to the public, the business world is now reaching into myspace for consumer exposure to their respective business wares, ads, and products too. When you think of it, advertising and exposure are the perfect match for a unique place on the web like Myspace.

As it should be, there are restrictions and guidleines within Myspace's member sites to help regulate what is and what is not permisable. There are trips and hazzards that can and do violate Myspace members use and any member can be evicted from continuing to abuse their privilages as a Myspace member. One use in particular is to link to or mention the founder's site for the benefit of greater relevance to an individual's site. This is clearly stated and will void your Myspace membership. Just don't do this.

While I have only mentioned a fraction of the pros and cons of Myspace, it's quite the obvious that Myspace has made it's mark on the 21st century and the cyber world. As long as you adhere to the rules and guidelines and use extreme caution in what you expose about yourself, Myspace is a valuable contributor to the new age of information and the ability to reach beyond your local area for the benefits that may be.

Myspace is a good thing, use it wisely!

About the Author

Jim is an avid online netpreneur that has cornered the smaller market of finding unique niches in the online world. See his latest venture into Myspace!