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Monitoring Your Child's Myspace Profile  

by Michelle MacPhearson

MySpace.com is a popular way for friends of different age groups to communicate and keep in touch with each other. If a kid has a MySpace account, it is important for a parent to take necessary safety measures. The next section will talk about teenagers on MySpace and provide helpful tips for parents to keep their child secure from internet predators.

Young adults under 14 years of age are not allowed to have a MySpace account as the rule stated. But some kids don't usually reveal their real age during registration. But when some underage user slips by, administrators immediately deleted these profiles when they see it. Under age members directly violates MySpace terms of service. If you see your kid browsing MySpace.com, you should be aware they are some place they should not be.

MySpace administrators automatically set the profile of 14 or 15 years old member to private. This means no MySpace members can view the child's full profile. To view the profile, the child needs to approve them as friend first. MySpace wishes to help protect them from the risk of online predators. Being a parent, monitoring the MySpace activity of a child's relies on your hands, as well as educating your child about online safety.

Few helpful tips concerning online safety and MySpace:

* NEVER reveal personal information like phone number, home address, and even mobile number. * NEVER agree to meet someone you've met online or on MySpace. * NEVER post indecent pictures online or on MySpace * ALWAYS set MySpace profiles to private. * ALWAYS use good judgment when sending private messages. * ALWAYS be cautious of online sexual predators.

No matter how much we try to teach and protect our kids, children will be always be children, and will disobey you at all times. Knowing their log in information is so important, so you can log in and monitor MySpace activities. It not a bad idea to take away their MySpace account for a while if you find them not obeying your online rules. Block their MySpace account by changing the email address and password connected to it.

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