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Veritas Product Overview

[ Note - These pages have not been updated in quite some time. They were written by the original owner of this site and I'm leaving them up in the hope that they might be of some use to someone. -UnixTools]

There are several VERITAS products that all work together when running a VERITAS cluster. These are:

  • Veritas File System
    This is filesystem software. One could use the standard filesystem with ufs logging enabled, however, VERITAS journal filesystem will make your filesystem checks MUCH faster upon reboot/crash.
  • Veritas Volume Manager (for partitioning disks)
    This software is like a raid manager with more bells and whistles. You stripe, raid, combine, and partition disk groups. One could use Disksuite (free) instead. However, using multiple vendors can be problematic when debugging emergency issues. Additionally, Sun keeps saying that they will discontinue DiskSuite.
  • Veritas Cluster Server (High Availability Cluster)
    This software enables one system to failover to the other system. All related software processes are simply moved from one system to the other system with minimal downtime. One could use Sun's Cluster product. Veritas is less platform dependant and does not require a terminal concentrator.

A superb reference book for Veritas Clusters is:

Shared Data Clusters: Scaleable, Manageable, and Highly Available Systems (VERITAS Series) - this will provide you with the background knowledge of how clusters work, how to get the best performance from your cluster, and more.

You can find out what products you are running with:

/usr/bin/pkginfo -x | grep VRTS

You can find out your licenses by running:

/usr/sbin/vxlicense -p

The Veritas Pages on this site:

This set of documents mostly focuses on VERITAS cluster. However, there are some overviews of the other products.



  • Veritas File Systems
    VERITAS filesystem is a journaling filesystem.
  • Veritas Volume Manager Overview
    Veritas Volume Manager divides disks into disk groups and partitions these groups as desired.
  • Veritas Cluster Overview
    Veritas Cluster enables one system to failover to the other system. All related software processes are simply moved from one system to the other system with minimal downtime.
  • Vertitas Cluster Install
    This is the MOST important part of the veritas cluster installation process. If you skip a step - you pay for it later!
  • Veritas Cluster Debugging Tips
    Veritas cluster server is a high availability server. This means that processes switch between servers when a server fails. All database processes are run through this server - and as such, this needs to run smoothly.
  • Testing Veritas Clusters
    If any licenses are not valid or expired -- get them FIXED before continuing! All licenses should say "No expiration". If ANY license has an actual expiration date, the test failed.
  • Links to Veritas Software products, services, and support.
    Normally, if a server with a particular application crashes, the application will be unavailable until someone fixes the crashed server.

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