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Vertitas Cluster Install

See Veritas Cluster Overview for more background.

Veritas Cluster Install Preparation & Planning

This is the MOST important part of the veritas cluster installation process. If you skip a step - you pay for it later!

  • Machines racked
  • Machines jumpstarted or equivalent (last 4 e3500's needed to be done by hand)
  • On one machine set scsi-initiator to 7
  • Have array installed, verify disks can be seen on both machines
  • Additional patches for veritas installed (download latest sun recommended patches) -- these are not in jumpstart!
  • Send off for veritas licemse -- if not there in time, get temp license
  • Have software ready for install
  • Hardware meets specifications
  • Veritas checklist should be filled out & ready to go
  • Change internet/network link to qfe1 ; cross over cables on hme0 & qfe0 (REMOVE hostname.home and hostname.qfe0)

Veritas Cluster Install - Day 1

Verify that preplanning & preparation was completed properly. If not, do NOT proceed.

If preparation was completed, on BOTH machines:

      /etc/init.d/volmgt start
      insert cdrom for db edition 2.1 [or higher]
      cd /cdrom/cdrom0
      ./installDBED [answer default/yes to all EXCEPT say no to single / group ]
      [may need to change cdroms here - not sure]
      remove cdrom
      vxdiskadm -- encapsulate root - specify your 2 root drives
      process will reboot twice
      create mount points for your db

Once done, on ONE machine:

vxdiskadm - initialize driives in array
vxassist -g oradg -maxsize drive1 drive2 - setup array drives
mount disks
add to vfstab

Veritas Cluster Install - Day 2

DBAs install oracle on ONE machine, update /etc/system on BOTH machines, add table for vcs

Veritas Cluster Install - Day 3

On BOTH machines

/etc/init.d/volmgt start
insert cluster server cd
cd /cdrom/cdrom0
pkgadd -d . (add packages 3,2,5,1,4,6; yes to everything)
eject cdrom; mount oracle cluster agent
cd /cdrom/cdrom0
pkgadd -d .
eject cdrom
cd /opt/VRTSllt
cp llttab /etc
cd /etc
vi /etc/llttab -- uncomment/change following:
set-node 0 [on one machine set to 1]
set-cluster 0
link hme0 & qfe0
low-link pri qfe1
start (at bottom)
vi /etc/gabtab
uncomment gabconfig -c -n 2
cd /etc/rc2.d
start llt and gab on both machines
/sbin/lltconfig -a list [check for all 3 interfaces]
gabconfig -a [check for membership]
add /sbin and /opt/VRTSvcs/bin to /.profile PATH]

On ONE machine:

mkdir /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config
cd /etc/VRTSvcs/config
cp *.cf config
cd sample-oracle
cp main.cf ../config [may need to copy other files - check]
cd ../config
vi main.cf
update systema and systemb
update SystemList and AutoStartList
add diskgroups
IP qfe1 nic-qfe1
add mountpoints
update oracle info
build dependancies
hacf -verify .

manually stop listener [lsnrctl stop]
manually stop db [svrmgrl; connect internal ; shutdown immediate]
take mountpoints out of vfstab
hastart [start cluster]
hagrp -switch oragrp -to systemb [test switchover]

run veritas testing on both machines

n excellent reference book for Veritas Clusters is: