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Why Web Based Training?

The popularity of web based training is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is not hard to see why. There are many reasons that training on the web is preferable to other methods of learning any subject matter. In the first place, web based training is quite cheap and efficient. Interested in getting an online computer science degree? You'll save big over getting that degree at a traditional college.

If you're a busy system administrator, but have to somehow manage to train people with your 70 hour schedule, this is the ideal setup. Any form of Linux training, as well as many other forms of technical training, can be done over the web.

There are many companies which sell web based training programs that allow you to put your course material in an interactive format for use online. Although some of these programs can be a little bit on the pricey side, all you need is the initial investment, and then you can create as much web based training as you wish for no additional cost.  Have to train several assistants? Doing it this way will let you train several groups, one after the other, with only the effort to put together one program.

Compare this to the expense of printing out all of the course materials, renting out a classroom, and paing an instructor give live weekly lectures for each class. Add in all of the other associated costs and web based training becomes, by far, the most economical of solutions for any learning program.

If you add to this the convenience of using web based training from the student's point of view, the advantages are even more obvious. Think about it. Students can submit papers, ask questions, take tests, and whatever else they might need to do, all from the comfort of their own homes. There is no other good solution for the working professional.

Many people object to web based training without adequately evaluating it. They claim that web based training does not really give people the opportunity to properly interact with their teacher and fellow students, and that therefore a classroom is better. I agree that the best way for someone to learn is generally to go to a classroom, but taking classes on the web is a surprisingly competitive option.

There are many ways for students to interact with online training providers, including email, live chat, and video conferencing. A student can even go ahead and set up an actual appointment with the teacher if they do happen to live within a convenient distance.

The bottom line is that there is a growing need for web based training. There are many ways in which internet classes fulfill a need which has been there for a good long time and has remained unfulfilled. Web based training lets the busy professional learn the skills that he or she needs.