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How to Submit your URL
to the Search Engines

Unixtools once, a long time ago, had a script to submit your website to the various search engines.

Due to the difficulties in keeping our submission script up to date with the constantly shifting Search Engine game we've removed that script.

Instead we're going to give you some links to website submission resources. Our onsite submission system has gone away. 

Better Than a Submission

Google much prefers to find a website, rather than to have one submitted to its system. The best way to get your website found is to get links from sites that Google is already scanning on a regular basis.

Free URL Submission

Lot's of places charge a fee to submit your site to many different search engines. A few of these engines are like google and MSN, others are small directories and niche engines.

You can do it yourself, to all the important search engines (there are only a few) for free, however.

For the Search Engine Submission Forms see the "Do It Yourself" link, below. To get someone else to do the work for you, scroll down a little further.

This site makes zero judgement on the value of any of these sites and zero money if you click through and decide to buy their service. These are just here to give you something to look over in case you want to save some time and effort.

Consider one thing - If the service you choose to submit your website isn't on page one of google for something like search engine ranking, but they advertise great rankings, what good are they?

Do it Yourself:

You can submit your url to directories, such as this one. Just search on submit url in your favorite search engine

Here's a long list of places to submit your site to. 

Another list

A big list on squidoo

Here are a bunch of products that help help automate your submission efforts.


A Tool to Use

  • SEO Elite will tell you how do do it all yourself and then you get to pocket all those monthly fees you'd otherwise be paying to the search engine submission services. Go here and learn more.

Get Someone Else to Do It For You: 

  • Network Solutions offers a paid search engine submission service. For $35 per month you get the site submission, web site analysis, personalized recommendations and more. Here.

  • Submit Express has paid SE submission services as well as a variety of others services to help you get the word out about your site.

Submission Tip - The Search Engines, especially Google, like to find sites on their own. Google and the others regulary crawl the web with their robo-spiders, following links whereever they may go. If one of these links lands on your site then you get a little more credit than if your site is found by you submitting directly to google.

Try to get a link to your site(s) from another site already indexed in google. If the page linking to you has a high page rank (as defined by Google) then that's even better.

If you want a ton of links to your sites, over time, in a mostly automated manner, then you want to look into a blog network. Using such a network you will get sites indexed faster and more effectively than with URL submission. Get more info here.