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  • This page is a short list of links to various programming and scripting tutorials.
  • This is a method which is used to exchange data between the server (the hardware and software that actually allows you to get to your web site) and a web client ...
  • No, you don't find it in oysters, unless oyster is a new term used by Linux system admins. So what does PERL stand for? Truth? Reason? Ease of use? Maybe it's one of these...
  • PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web, and the reason for that is how easy it makes it to create dynamic websites quickly.
  • As you know HTML is the language of the world wide web. This article goes into a bit of background of HTML and includes links to tutorials.
  • Some HTML basics and codes. Not an extensive tutorial, but this will get you started.
  • HTML is a relatively simple language, in some places it is almost completely readable and understandable but that doesn't stop people from having problems with it. Why is that?
  • There are tremendous advantages to knowing HTML and you do not have to pay someone else to apply it.
  • Most WYSIWYG programs don't give you absolute, total control over webpage design (ie, exactly the way you want the page to look). There are design limitations.
  • Every website out there is written in some kind of HTML. Because of the rapid evolution of the web...
  • Optimizing your HTML documents is a must for professional webmasters, and it has many potential benefits. With a little effort and know-how, you can clean up your HTML files and reap the benefits today.
  • The need to change the look of their generic MySpace pages is a strong drive in many people.
  • Perhaps the most important and widely used non-static programming language is Javascript.
  • Java was originated by a farmer in the middle east who needed to stay awake. It later merged with a big company to come up with Java Soap... Well, maybe not.
  • A brief list of links to SQL tutorials and help
  • You can get the free Linux OS (operating system) running on a computer system by booting Linux from a Linux installation CD (or DVD) and installing Linux. And you can also run Linux by booting a system from a Linux live CD / DVD.
  • This page is intended to be a helpful resource to AIX users and not a comprehensive guide.
  • Useful IRIX lniks. In a press release on 6th September 2006, SGI announced the end of the MIPS/IRIX line.
  • DG/UX was a Unix variant developed by Data General that was notable for its rare updates. Hardware stability was ensured by its equally stable Eclipse MV and later AViiON architectures.
  • Some helpful links for Digital Unix users.
  • Links and infor for HP unix users
  • Links to useful sites regarding the Sun Solaris OS.
  • Here are some links to useful stuff for a variety of flavors of Unix. This is not a comprehensive list.
  • Recently the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10th version was released and Novell, its developer, mentioned that it is breaking all previous records...
  • If you are new to the SUSE Linux or you want to learn more about its features and uses, you should attend training from the many SUSE Linux training centers
  • Although you may not notice this from the beginning, SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 brings a lot of changes to those who were expecting its release...
  • Runlevels define what services or processes should be running on the system...
  • This document shows system administrators how to better secure their UNIX systems...
  • Once you put a computer on a network, you allow many more people potential access to the machine.
  • If your accounts are not secure, then your other steps won't help much. There is general password security as well as special steps to take for each type of account.
  • File system security is about making sure your users can only do what you want them to be able to do.
  • Unix Security is an ongoing process...
  • A list of resources to keep your Unix system secure.
  • This document provides a Unix security checklist to help system administrators secure their systems.
  • VERITAS filesystem is a journaling filesystem.
  • Veritas Volume Manager divides disks into disk groups and partitions these groups as desired.
  • Veritas Cluster enables one system to failover to the other system. All related software processes are simply moved from one system to the other system with minimal downtime.
  • This is the MOST important part of the veritas cluster installation process. If you skip a step - you pay for it later!
  • Veritas cluster server is a high availability server. This means that processes switch between servers when a server fails. All database processes are run through this server - and as such, this needs to run smoothly.
  • If any licenses are not valid or expired -- get them FIXED before continuing! All licenses should say "No expiration". If ANY license has an actual expiration date, the test failed.
  • Normally, if a server with a particular application crashes, the application will be unavailable until someone fixes the crashed server.
  • Most of us have heard of online learning programs that offer degree and post graduation courses
  • Whether you are someone wanting to get into the field of Unix or a veteran, keeping up with your unix training is a must whether through reading magazines, studying books or taking courses.
  • Becoming certified in Sun Java can help your career in a couple of ways: It creates a greater opportunity for you, it increases your versality and desireability, which can also result in a salary increase
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) is regarded as one of the most valued certification available.
  • The first thing you need to know before deciding is that Cisco actually offers 3 different levels of general certification, which represents in each case increasing levels of expertise.
  • The A+ certification qualifies the holder to build, install, configure, operate, maintain and repair microcomputers.
  • Unfortunately, many who go through the certification process get their fingers burnt.
  • If you are interested in achieving a computer information systems degree, it's imperative to get online and sort through your options.
  • The popularity of web based training is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is not hard to see why.
  • In addition to games, anime, and screensavers one of the major advanced ot the web is the opportunity for online acredited college eduction.
  • A few university of phoenic online courses can go a long way to boosting your career to new heights.
  • For an alternative route that could prove to be easier in the long run, I recommend that you first get an Associate degree online.
  • What do you do for a living? Do you love your current job and employer? Here's the big question; are you earning the salary that you desire?
  • Nationwide job fairs are huge gatherings of companies and hopeful job seekers, eager to land a great gig with a progressive company.
  • Choosing a career presents a nerve-racking decision, as it can have a life-long impact on you. Do not fret, as you can gain a clearer outlook into your future by thorough career planning.
  • Research suggests that as many as 8 out of 10 employed adults are in the wrong job or career! They are in poor career-shape...
  • Nowadays, of course, you can get your computer science colleges online and do all your studies from your own computer, sometimes at your own pace.
  • Pages that might be useful to people building websites.
  • Some tips to getting the word out about your website.
  • An autoresponder is simply an email robot. You send an email to an autoresponder address and it dumbly replies with an email in return.
  • For the purpose of these tips a search engine is something like google. It scans the web for sites to include in its index. It will follow links and find new sites all on its own.
  • A step by step guide to building your website, from finding a domain name to getting hosting to putting a site up.
  • We all want to limit our costs and free web hosting has some appeal, but you give up a lot...
  • There are so many services on the web hosting market today that it's sometimes very difficult to identify what is best for you.
  • People say all the good names are taken. Wrong. Youi just need some creativity. Here are some tips to help you get a good domain name.
  • You're not really buying that domain name, you're renting it, and here's a step by step guide on getting yours.
  • Ok, you've bought your domain name and you've bought your hosting and now you have to connect the two into a happy union.
  • Domain Hijacking is the process of stealing a domain name. The problem is annoying, but the cure is easy.
  • Buying webhosting is easy. Just follow a couple of steps and your site will have a new home.
  • An outline of the virtues of Linux Vs Windows as a host for your website. Which is better? Find out here:
  • A brief history of how webhosting has developed from from being ISP based to a separate entity entirely.
  • Some basics of Windows and Linux web hosting.
  • Your chair is an important part of your workspace. The chair you use can make a difference in your ability to work.
  • Many people have a desire to connect their ipaq with Linux, because it is free, and because they have an objection to paying for expensive, proprietary software.
  • So you want to dual boot Windows and Linux on the same computer...
  • Linux and Windows differ in many aspects. First of all, the Linux GUI is optional while the Windows GUI is an integral component of the OS
  • This is an old intrview. The numbers are bigger and Mr. Rudl has passed on. The couirse is still excellent. Corey reveals how he grew his business from a one-man show in his parent's basement to four online businesses that generate over $6.6 MILLION in online sales per year and attract over 1.8 million visitors per month.
  • So many people struggle with skin afflictions on a regular basis. You'd think with the level of technology these days, acne would be a mere dilemma of the past.
  • The day of duck-taped glasses, suspenders and pocket-protectors are quickly fading away. Its getting harder to pick the geeks out of the crowd.
  • In the dictionary, a Geek is defined as A carnival performer whose act usually consists of biting the head off a live chicken or snake.
  • Geek-Speak or techno-babble is pervasive. It seems that we are so impressed with our technical knowledge and expertise that we forget our audience.
  • Motorola has now produced the latest version of the Razr which seems to have taken the cell phone market by storm
  • MySpace, at its core, is a social network. Socializing is just for kids? Of course not.