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Most of us have heard of online learning programs that offer degree and post graduation courses. But doctorate degrees online? I, for one, always assumed that a online doctorate program, being as it is the highest level of concrete education one can get, would always be an offline program demanding intensive study over a period of three, four, or even five or more years.

In fact, I am still to come across a single person who has secured an online doctorate. The people having one of those "distance learning doctorate degrees" just seem to escape me.

But guess what? The University of Phoenix, the University with the highest number of registered online classes, has not only started offering online doctorate degrees, but has also remarked that more and more users are signing up for the innovative program.

With more and more people being employed immediately after their bachelors and masters degrees, and the cost of living getting so high, online doctorate programs have become the medium of choice for busy professionals who need better jobs, but also students who are unwilling unwilling or unable to enroll in full time programs.

If you think that an online doctorate is any less strenuous than a similar offline program, think again. An online doctorate is as rigorous and sometimes more rigorous than similar offline programs. Most students can complete their online doctorates in three years or more.

But these sort of programs are not entirely online. They include a fair amount of residential workshops where the finer aspects of the online doctorate like presentations, discussions, and projects, need to be completed. Of course, these programs require a higher level of self-motivation that traditional classes.

Keeping with the academic standards that are expected of students in online doctorate programs, regular contact, through the internet enabled voice and video, is an essential part of the course. While self study is a convenience that an online doctorate program offers, it also requires a fair share of online discussion.

If you were under the assumption that a thesis would not be a part of an online doctorate, perish the thought again! Not only is the thesis required, but it is essential in order to complete your course and be awarded the title. So get started on gathering the material for the dissertation!

Be that as it may, an online doctorate program is surely more convenient than a full time, offline, course of study. While offering busy professionals the chance to continue with their day jobs while studying for an online degree, it gives them an element of convenience that they never before could access.

Several other universities, some of them very reputed ones, are also going online. So if you ever wanted to affix the title of Dr to your name and didn’t know how, this might be a great option!

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