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Using HTML in Website Design  

by Jim Locke

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language and it's the coding used to create web pages. Most website design software is designed for use by people who have no knowledge of the language. As such, the coding is automatically captured and recorded when the menus are used.

There are tremendous advantages to knowing HTML and you do not have to pay someone else to apply it. Without HTML you are limited to just plain text on your web pages, whereas using HTML you can apply all the functions that are relevant to your website design. You can use HTML language in the home and section pages of your website or anywhere else that it is applicable.

You can use HTML to format text in many ways such as different fonts, colors and sizes. You can also format paragraphs in any way you find suitable and even wrap text around images and create special effects. Another useful application is to crease tables which can e applied to numerical data and limited text. There is also the option of creating lists using different symbols and numbers for more readable presentation.

In addition to basic text and numbering you can use HTML to drop an image taken from another website on a page. Flash Animation files are also useful HTML applications. You may also include audio, video and sound files in your webpage using this language.

Finally, the ability to use HTML especially in text fields will provide you with tremendous website design power and allow you to dramatically change the look of your site. It is better to create your website using HTML as you will have a more pleasant and functional site and the difference can be astounding.