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Unix Security Testing

Unix Security is an ongoing process. However, once the software is installed and initial checks completed, it can be a simple maintenance task of installing latest patches, verifying user accounts, running security software (and their extensions) and monitoring logs.


Always have latest Unix security OS patches installed

Subscribe to security mailing lists. Read security newsgroups. Keep up to date on the latest security procedures.

If you do NOT use NIS or NIS+, make your system a HP-UX trusted system for easier system security

Test your Unix system

Test w/ SATAN (network security), COPS (Various system checks), TIGER (ways for root to be compromised), and CRACK (password checker). Install Tripwire to detects changes to files).

Monitor log files

Check btmp, wtmp, syslog, sulog etc. regularly. Set up automatic email or paging to warn system administrators of any suspicious behavior. Also check your snort logs.