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All tutorials are free unless otherwise noted.

Normal Unix User

  • Very Simple Unix Commands

  • VERY basic UNIX tutorial - This guide is Intended for people with pretty much zero knowledge of Unix.

  • Webteacher Beginning Tutorial - This is a CGI tutorial. They say: This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating CGIs with Perl on a Unix platform. Unlike other tutorials I've read, this does not assume you know anything about CGIs, Perl, or Unix.

  • Intro to UNIX - This is an old page, but will get you started with Unix.

  • A nice Unix tutorial for beginners

  • UNIXhelp for Users - Starts with very basic stuff and moves on to more detailed topics.

  • Web Reference UNIX Tutorial - This is a Fourteen section tutorial, each of which addresses a fundamental aspect of UNIX computing.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD - They say this is: An Absolute Beginners Guide to FreeBSD. This section gives an overview of what FreeBSD is, and how to utilize resources for obtaining more information about FreeBSD.

  • Unix book on Amazon
  • Amazon books on Linux

Unix System Administrator


Other Tutorial Lists

  • Unix training - Articles on getting training, online degress, and related topics.

Tutorials On Unixtools: 

  • Perl, CGI, C, C++ tutorials
    This page is a short list of links to various programming and scripting tutorials.
  • Basic HTML Tutorials
    As you know HTML is the language of the world wide web. This article goes into a bit of background of HTML and includes links to tutorials.
  • Basic Intro to Javascript
    Perhaps the most important and widely used non-static programming language is Javascript.
  • Java tutorials
    Java was originated by a farmer in the middle east who needed to stay awake. It later merged with a big company to come up with Java Soap... Well, maybe not.
  • SQL Tutorials
    A brief list of links to SQL tutorials and help
  • Boot Linux from CD
    You can get the free Linux OS (operating system) running on a computer system by booting Linux from a Linux installation CD (or DVD) and installing Linux. And you can also run Linux by booting a system from a Linux live CD / DVD.