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Unix Help

Each of the pages below lists some useful resources for the appropriate flavor of Unix. This is not a complete list.

Besides what's on the pages below you might want to check out the Unixersal translator, aka: the rosetta stone for unix. That site tabulates the differences between many flavors of Unix and notes the significant differences.

Unix Help Pages on This Site

  • AIX Unix
    This page is intended to be a helpful resource to AIX users and not a comprehensive guide.
  • IRIX
    Useful IRIX lniks. In a press release on 6th September 2006, SGI announced the end of the MIPS/IRIX line.
  • DG/UX
    DG/UX was a Unix variant developed by Data General that was notable for its rare updates. Hardware stability was ensured by its equally stable Eclipse MV and later AViiON architectures.
  • Digital
    Some helpful links for Digital Unix users.
  • HP-UX - HP Unix
    Links and infor for HP unix users
  • Sun Operating System | Sun Solaris
    Links to useful sites regarding the Sun Solaris OS.
  • Unix for PCs
    Here are some links to useful stuff for a variety of flavors of Unix. This is not a comprehensive list.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
    Recently the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10th version was released and Novell, its developer, mentioned that it is breaking all previous records...
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 9
    Although you may not notice this from the beginning, SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 brings a lot of changes to those who were expecting its release...
  • Linux Runlevels
    Runlevels define what services or processes should be running on the system...