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PC Vendors that pre-install Linux or Unix

  • It is possible to find linux laptops and desktops. By this, of course, I mean with the Linux or Unix pre-installed. Obviously you can buy or download your favorite distribution from a variety of vendors, so this page is for those of us who are a little lazier and would like to have our Linux or Unix Deskop machine come pre-loaded.

    Here's what I've found for Linux. I make no promises about any of these vendors as I haven't ordered from any nor contacted any of them. The sites look live and the hardware looks up to date.

  • LinuxCertified - Nice looking laptops with Intel & AMD hardware.

  • Linux laptops and linux destops by System76. These use Ubunto Linux and also come with other softwear.

  • PowerNoteBooks - Click on products => linux. Installs Mandrake 9.1.
  • PSSC Labs - Nice pre-built systems.
  • HP Workstations - can be ordered preinstalled with Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3, or HP Installer Kit for Linux

  • Apple PowerMac g5 with Linux

  • EmperorLinux has a variety of pre-configured Linux laptops. And how can you go wrong with Emperor (penguin) linux?

  • PenguinComputing does Linux Clusters and Linux Servers.

  • LinuxComputer Systems has a veriety of sizes, configurations, and they do custom builds


Linux/Unix Hardware Resources

Dell & Linux on Ebay.com

Naturally ebay will have computers with linux/unix pre-installed.

The auction below is real-time. Come back in a few hours and you'll see different results. If you'd like to join ebay, in order to bid on one of these, here's the lnk. It's 100% free to join.