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JAVA Tutorials:

Java, of course, is not Javascript.

Java was originated by a farmer in the middle east who needed to stay awake.  It later merged with a big company to come up with Java Soap... Well, maybe not.

Java, of course, is an ancient programming language that dates all the way back to 1995. The intent was to make something that would run in any browser and that could perform a wide variety of functions not otherwise possible. It would be unique in that it wasn't tied to a particular processor or operating system.

Microsoft signed onto the Java bandwagon and insisted on going its own way. Microsoft and Sun kicked each other around in the courts for awhile and have now gone their separate ways. Java is now entirely in the hands of Sun's develpment teams.

For beginners, or for advanced people, why buy the book when you can find all the info you need by surfing the net? Simply go to Google, or any other search engine, and type in java tutorial. You'll receive lots of results and you'll get up to speed quickly. Of course, there is something to be said for having a book in hand, but the web tutorials are, in most cases, free.

If you want a java tutorial from the source, head on over to Java.sun.com. The same tutorial is available in book form from Amazon.

For those looking for information on Java Reporting and need to use (gasp!) windows software, then Javaworld has a good article on Integrating Excel and Word Documents into Java Applications. Another article from the same site uses something called Jaspereports to generate Java reports. They say..

Generating reports is a common, if not always glamorous, task for programmers. In the past, report generation has largely been the domain of large commercial products such as Crystal Reports. Today, the open source JasperReports report generating library gives Java developers a viable alternative to commercial software. The rest of the article is here.

Once you've used enough java tutorials and you think you know it well enough then you might try for your Java Certification. Throw that in with your Unix Certifications and your RHCE and you're rollin'.  Maybe you'll even be able to call yourself a Java Developer.

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