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Perl/C/C++/CGI tutorials:

This page is a short list of links to various programming and scripting tutorials.

CGI Tutorials and Info

  • Here's a basic overview of CGI. It's not a programming guide, but it does define a few things.

  • An article on how to stop digital thieves using CGI 

  • How to build a mailing list using CGI

PERL Tutorials

  • PERL is a language used to munch text and look for meaning. Or assign it. If you're unfamilar with PERL then this short perl article will give you some idea of what it's about.

  • From WDVL: Perl - the very thought evokes a heady, adrenaline rush in the hearts of hard-core hackers, and an intimidating sense of anxiety in practically everyone else. Here's their Nice Perl Tutorial For Webmasters

  • Perl 5 Docs - Perl programming documentation. A link in the sidebar will show docs for Perl 5 v8.8 and higher.
  • Introduction to Perl, from the same site.

  • Official Perl Page 

PHP Tutorials

  • PHP is a scripting language that gets a lot of use. Here's a basic intro to PHP.

Other Tutorials




  • What is CGI?
    This is a method which is used to exchange data between the server (the hardware and software that actually allows you to get to your web site) and a web client ...
  • Perl Basics
    No, you don't find it in oysters, unless oyster is a new term used by Linux system admins. So what does PERL stand for? Truth? Reason? Ease of use? Maybe it's one of these...
  • PHP Introduction
    PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web, and the reason for that is how easy it makes it to create dynamic websites quickly.