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The Easiest Way to Learn How to Use the New

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10  

by Shannon Margolis

The SUSE Linux platform was successfully released into the market in 1994. Since then the platform has continuously evolved and the 9th version of SUSE Linux Enterprise has brought a major upgrade to the OS because it uses the 2.6 kernel instead of the old 2.4.

This kernel allows more features and services to run on the SUSE platform, so SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 received only positive reviews and turned out to be one of the best server Operating Systems out there.

Recently the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10th version was released and Novell, its developer, mentioned that it is breaking all previous records and surely will become number one in the Linux business.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10th is said to bring a large number of server enhancements and new technologies and its most innovating feature will be an included support for XenSource, about which Novell says that it will help SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 boost its way to number 1.

Xen will integrate virtualization services into SUSE, allowing clients to configure the applications and services in such way that they will have maximum efficiency, and also enabling multiple workloads run on just one machine.

Suse Linux Enterprise Svr 10 has the 2.6.16 kernel and can run on both 32 and 64-bit processors, supporting most of the known families of CPU's, both single and dual core.

Knowing that its 9th version was a success and that SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 brings a lot of new interesting additions, this new release should also turn out to be a great success and to be very appealing to server administrators. It is also speculated that a number of administrators that have been using windows will migrate to the new SUSE Linux Enterprise.

If you plan on trying the new server operating system and are new to the Linux family of products or you have some knowledge but plan on learning more, the best and easiest solution is to take online SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 training courses. You can learn at home, watch videos and tutorials, and when you finish the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 training program you can also receive a certificate that proves that you are a certified Linux user.

These SUSE Linux Enterprise training courses cover all the information from the beginning to the most advanced matters like network administration, security and manual configuration of software parameters. You will start with a brief history and introduction and in the end you will even know how to develop your own shell scripts and compile software from Source!

There are also SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 courses that teach people who have been using another or an older version of Linux to migrate to the last available version.

This SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 training program is a self-study program and also comes with a beta release of the 10th edition of SUSE. So learning how to use and configure SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 may be easy if you follow one of the online training programs. Just search for a specialized Website and start studying!

There are many training courses out to familiarize yourself with SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. If you would like to find out more information SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 training please visit the following Gold Certified Training Partner http://www.unitek.com/training/suseLinuxportal.php.

About the Author

Shannon Margolis, IT Marketing Coordinator, www.unitek.com

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