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SUSE Linux
Enterprise 9 Advantages 

by Shannon Margolis

Although you may not notice this from the beginning, SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 brings a lot of changes to those who were expecting its release.

Among these the most important is the jump to the 2.6 kernel that comes with some new interesting features and represents an important upgrade from the 2.4 kernel which others mainly use, making SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 raise above most its competitors.

At first sight, SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 seems to be a lighter version of the 9.1 professional edition but as soon as you get to work with it you realize the large number of features and options that lie underneath the GUI interface, and the security and performance upgrades that make SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 easily clear its way to the top.

As mentioned before most of the significant changes are hidden. First you get to see the things that almost all Linux operating systems have in common - the graphical desktops and the many sever and database software packages. Then you start to discover the enhancements of the 2.6 kernel which can be installed on systems that have thousands of CPU's (theoretically, the number of processors is not limited). Among these enhancements you will find :

  • 2.6 can easily handle very large, or heavy, I/O loads
  • the new kernel has suffered an important RAM memory upgrade
  • it seriously boosts applications that require multi-threaded processors
  • all the new features increase the efficiency of the used software

If you plan on installing SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 on your machine you need to free 500 MB for the minimal installation and 4 GB for the installation that includes all the features.

If you are not familiar with Linux and you are interested in learning SLES 9, you should take some SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 courses or join a special SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 training program that will cover all the aspects that you are interested in.

You can find comprehensive SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 courses on the Internet, in fact there are some websites that are made especially for the purpose of teaching SUSE Linux Enterprise to those who need to learn it. The SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 training programs are both for those who are completely new to the operating system and for those who have some knowledge of it but need to further expand their knowledge.

The content of a basic online SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 course is usually like this: -an introduction to the operating system and its features and uses -working and managing the OS environment -managing the file system, security, kernel, services -connecting to a network and using the network services

In conclusion, SUSE Linux certification is a very powerful server Operating system and it can do quite everything that can be done with a server. Many experts recommend it and you can find SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 courses that teach you everything you need to know, so it would be a wise idea to get some learning about the OS and start using it if you're not doing it already.

There are many training courses out to familiarize yourself with SUSE Linux Enterprise 9. If you would like to find out more information SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 training please visit the following Gold Certified Training Partner http://www.unitek.com/training/suselinuxportal.php.

About the Author

Shannon Margolis, IT Marketing Coordinator, www.unitek.com